Jean-Michel Cambot | Business Object software inventor

I have found in BiBOARD words that animated my inspiration when I invented the BO software: simple, pragmatic, intelligent. Therefore essential.


BiBOARD has become the unified web reporting tool allowing to thousands of internal and external stakeholders to work and share collaborativ dashboards. It is a great tol to make business dramatically more efficient.
Atos Worldgrid

ATOS Worldgrid

For Atos Worldgrid, settling for BiBOARD as the reporting solution was carefully thought through and required benchmarking other solutions (Open Source softwares as well as other BI editors) before choosing ultimately BiBOARD.

AVIGNON real-estate headquarters

BiBOARD key benefits are based on two axes: easy to design and massiv dashboards diffusion. Thanks to an automated and real-time data managment and to well designed and ergonomic dashboards, all users can work collaboratively and the complete organsiation becomes more efficient and reactiv


Indeed the offer BiBOARD matches missing link of the web publishing easy access for our customers

OJC Conseil

OJC Conseil

Thibaud Sanchez | Data manager
This solution brings an unbelievable level of restitution, in a simple and flexible way