The new Generation of Collaborative Business intelligence

Navigate online quickly and easily to a powerful Business Intelligence solution


BiBOARD collects and shares data to all levels of the company.
Connected to all types of database, Users can view and share dashboards from a single web application.
Stay synchronized with your ecosystem : employees, shareholders, customers, partners, suppliers...

[New] Web Services

Create integrations that sync BiBOARD to a Social Network, a blog, a CMS, and more.

[New] Datamart Connection

Connect BiBOARD to structured datamart to make it even stronger.

[New] Open Components

Enjoy trendy dataviz by using D3js or Google Charts components into your reports.


Empower your ecosystem to enrich your data.

Massive distribution

Broadcast dashboards to your whole ecosystem.

Real Time

Take the decision at the right moment with Real time publications.

Easy incorporation

Easily incorporate your customized dashboards in your online environment.

Included mapping

All maps are provided by default.

Be aligned with your guidelines

Organize and customize your data the way it makes the more sense to you.

Drag & drop

Move and organize your data inside your components.

Drill Down

Explore your data in great detail.

Acces to numerous types of data

Open to all sources of data in read and write mode (Flat files, Excel files, databases...).

Multi Device

Take the right decision from all your devices.

Data Visualization

Use data visualization to turn raw data into reliable information.


Discover the power of BiBOARD

250 Connectors

Connect to any type of databases.

Single Sign On

Easy management of users' rules and rights (Active directory, LDAP...).

Legacy system

Save your time and capitalize on what you have already done. (Database, existing queries, dashboards…).


Notify the right user by real-time automation processes (ex. Out of stock, the threshold triggering...) with email alerts.

Selective caching technology

Reduce stress databases during a peak of activity for optimum response time.

Distribution agent

Plan, execute and automate emails, reports, notifications and more.


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