ATOS Worldgrid

ATOS Worldgrid

World Grid, one of Atos’ subsidiaries, is specialized in energy efficiency management (intelligent network management). Following the recommendations issued by the European Commission in 2009 under the control of electricity consumption per smart meter, Atos World Grid must deal with large volumes of data that are managed, processed, checked and stored in databases.

35 million meters:
Meter reading: 0.35 billion counting / day for 10 read data index
Smart Metering - meter management: 3.5 billion counting data / day + 2 load curves (consumption and production) with one half an hour step
Smart Grid - Network management: the amount of data stored each day in database: 35000000000
3 years of data: 35 000 000 000 000 data that must be stored in databases.
According to Robert Ribot (AWG), these volumes require appropriate tools to ensure control with automation and relevant displays:
A portal showing diverse business perspectives.

  • Real-time displays to monitor events
  • Reports to analyze the situation
  • Forecasts to predict the future
  • Monitors to track and correct the data.

​For Atos World Grid, the choice of BiBOARD’ solution has been motivated by several criteria:

  • product capabilities and performance
  • development of facilities
  • The ease of managing multiple languages
  • The product's roadmap constantly evolving (BiBOARD is close to its customers)
  • Database connections
  • Stability
  • Easy installation (ability to be embedded in the solution)
  • Easy 'Customization' by the end customer
  • template management
  • Export information in standard formats.